Implant registration made simple.

Save time • Save money • Reduce risk


dental implants, bone grafts and membranes are placed every year.

We've got you covered

We have over 3,650 products in our database and counting.

Unleash insights from your registry.

Search registry

Save time and reduce risk by instantly searching implants in your registry to handle recalls across one or multiple practices.

Analytics & reporting

Save money by finding patterns across your practice and ordering products on time and in the right amount.

Autofill forms & letters

Forget re-typing information over and over again. ImplantBox does all the paperwork for you.

HIPAA compliant & secure

Maintain your system in a safe and secure environment and leave your compliance worries behind.

Cloud-based anywhere-access

No special VPNs or office-only computers are needed for ImplantBox. Sign in securely on the web, and you're ready to go.

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